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Nicholas L., San Rafael, CA 30 Mar 2016
I purchased a vehicle from UGM soon after arriving in town to begin a new job. They made me a good deal, were very accommodating and entirely upfront about some issues with the vehicle. Unfortunately, after a few hours of use the transmission completely failed and required a tow back to the dealersh...ip. After leaving it overnight and returning in the morning, the staff at UGM were entirely apologetic and completely reversed the ideal with a full return of my payment. They called later and described the slipped hose that caused the transmission to fail and offered the vehicle back, but I was too gun-shy to try that vehicle again and politely refused.Though I did not have any luck with that particular vehicle, I can say that the people at UGM conducted themselves with an extremely high level of integrity and honesty. I greatly appreciate who they are as people and would recommend them. Show more
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Phil Hayes 01 Dec 2015
This is the second car I have purchased through UGM and I'm very happy about my last car and will go to their lot again if I need some work done. Thank you UGM!
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Rocky James Curtiss 25 Oct 2015
Unsurpassed service while you give to a God-filled ministry. I recommend to any and all.
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Brandon Quarnstrom 26 Feb 2015
I got my 98 Toyota Camry from these great folks. I love it and will drive the wheels off it. So happy.
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Linda Snow Bradshaw 12 Feb 2014
One thing is certain...they are honest and will do the best job they can to get you the car you want at the best price they can.
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T Weemz 29 May 2013
I have two cars from them now. They provide you an honest report of the vehicles overall condition and wont try to sugarcoat the truth for the sake of a sale. The cars are sold as-is; that should be understood. They add dollars to the Union Gospel Mission's program which helps everyone in Spokane. W...hen you buy from Union Gospel Motors you can feel good about what you received and what it means for the whole community. This is a great service to a low budget buyer like myself. Thank you!!! Show more
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